Nuclear Abolition Forum

Facilitating dialogue between academics, governments, disarmament experts and NGOs on achieving and sustaining a nuclear weapon free world.

Establishing a Dialogue

This independent forum aims to explores the legal, technical, institutional and political elements for achieving a nuclear weapons
free world.

Diverse perspectives

We seeks to include a variety of perspectives rather than advocating any particular approach to achieving a world free of nuclear weapons.

Join the debate

We invite you to contact us, send articles, comment and initiate and partake in discussions.

Our periodicals

We produce periodical publications with articles from a variety of contributors. Each issue of the periodical will take on one important issue, such as nuclear deterrence, verification, enforcement, political will, nuclear energy and related dual-use issues, individual and criminal responsibility, phases of implementation, the role of civil society, and national legislative measures to further nuclear abolition, to name a few. The rationale behind this approach is that edition-by-edition such key nuclear abolition aspects will be examined and critiqued, thereby paving the way for building the framework for achieving and sustaining a nuclear weapon free world.

ISSUE No.1: International Humanitarian Law and Nuclear Weapons

The inaugural issue of the Nuclear Abolition Forum periodical, released in New York in October 2011, focuses on the application of International Humanitarian Law to nuclear weapons and comprises articles from a range of high-level experts.

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ISSUE No.2: Moving Beyond Nuclear Deterrence to a Nuclear Weapons Free World

The second issue is dedicated to an examination of the nuclear deterrence doctrine – the role it plays in security policies, its benefits and/or risks, and an exploration on how security could be achieved without nuclear deterrence in facilitating the establishment of a nuclear weapons free world.

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