Nuclear Abolition Forum

Facilitating dialogue between academics, governments, disarmament experts and NGOs on achieving and sustaining a nuclear weapon-free world.

The Nuclear Abolition Forum was established in 2011 as a joint project of eight civil society organisations to facilitate dialogue between academics, governments, disarmament experts and NGOs on key issues regarding achieving and sustaining a nuclear weapon-free world. Hosted by the WFC, the Forum is able to rely on over 70 high-level consultants to ensure quality contributions.

The Forum seeks to include a variety of perspectives rather than advocating any particular approach to achieving a world free of nuclear weapons. This could include contributions from those who do not yet believe that nuclear abolition is possible, or who favour a step-by-step approach, as well as contributions from those who support a more comprehensive approach. However, attention is given to examining and critiquing the framework for achieving a nuclear weapons-free world rather than focusing solely or primarily on the next immediate steps.

There are of course many challenges that need to be overcome and questions still to be addressed in order for governments to agree to the abolition and elimination of nuclear weapons. This independent forum aims to assist this process by exploring the legal, technical, institutional and political elements for achieving a nuclear weapons free world.

“I very much welcome the emphasis placed by the architects of the Nuclear Abolition Forum in rekindling and sustaining a dialogue over fundamental questions relating to the achievement of nuclear disarmament. The advocacy efforts by civil society play a crucial role in sustaining the political will necessary to achieve concrete progress in this field. They help in educating both the general public and government officials. And they provide opportunities for dialogue and debate among people with at times widely different perspectives on how the challenges of disarmament can most effectively and efficiently be met.”

Sergio Duarte, UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs 2007-2011
Comments made on the occasion of the launch of the Nuclear Abolition Forum


The Forum contains a periodical and website dedicated to facilitating dialogue on key issues regarding the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.


International Humanitarian Law and Nuclear Weapons

The inaugural issue of the Nuclear Abolition Forum periodical, released in New York in October 2011, focuses on the application of International Humanitarian Law to nuclear weapons and comprises articles from a range of high-level experts.








Moving Beyond Nuclear Deterrence to a Nuclear Weapons Free World

The second issue was released in April 2013 in Geneva. It is dedicated to an examination of the nuclear deterrence doctrine – the role it plays in security policies, its benefits and/or risks, and an exploration on how security could be achieved without nuclear deterrence in order to facilitate the establishment of a nuclear weapons-free world.